How to activate the new Webroot Subscription Keycode using the Webroot Account?

Now-a-days, when the users purchase the paid software, they need to perform the process of software activate so as to utilize the services included within the software. In other words, the activation process act as signature that the purchased software has been activated by the authorized user only. Apart from this, the activation of the software using a product keycode avoids the fraudulent usage of the software services by malicious users. One such paid antivirus software providers is Webroot and to activate the Webroot antivirus product the users require a Webroot Keycode. So, if you have received a new keycode from Webroot here is how you can activate.

Sometimes the users need to purchase the additional keycode for the purchased Webroot Subscription for offering the protection to their other devices. Thus, the users could activate the new Webroot Subscription keycode on their newer device through their Webroot Account. To do so, follow the steps detailed in the below information, without contacting the Webroot Support.

Webroot support

Steps to activate the new keycode of the Webroot Subscription using the Webroot My Account panel are as follows:

  1. First of all, select the Webroot Subscription icon by double clicking on it, located on the taskbar of the device.
  2. Thus, the user interface of the Webroot Subscription will get initialize on the device.
  3. Here, tap the gear icon of the “My Account” on the interface.
  4. And then, the “My Subscriptions” having activated “Keycode” panel will get appear on the screen.

(Important Note: If the users are unable to locate the new Webroot Keycode on their email address then, they may call the Webroot Support toll-free number, to get an instant help.)

  1. Here, enter the new keycode within the “Enter a new keycode into the field below” text field.
  2. Once the new Webroot Keycode of the Webroot Subscription has been entered by the users, click the “Activate” button.

Thus, the new Webroot Keycode gets successfully activated by the users using the Webroot Account.

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