How to fix Webroot error or “invalid” messages on Windows PC or Mac?

Webroot antivirus provides internet security as well as offline protection to your devices for business and personal use. The security software also bring trace removal agent for users who have a subscription to any of the product. The company is also providing high end Webroot Support for better user experience.

However, in most cases, users install the software without undergoing the terminologies of Webroot compatibility and the encounter trouble at the end. While you purchase any Webroot product, make sure to check all the features offered by the utility. Also, check what the system requirements for the particular are in order to eliminate any kind of compatibility error.

If you already have Webroot installed on your Windows computer or Mac, keep the antivirus software updated, this will protect your device on a constant basis. In another case, if the product is showing “Invalid” error message while installing or activating, check that you are entering correct Webroot Keycode. To troubleshoot the error, refer to the instructions below or call on Webroot Toll free Number Webroot Toll free Number for expter assistance.

If you are experiencing error message while installing Webroot on Windows computer or Mac, follow the procedure below and troubleshoot the error.

  1. Ensure that you are entering Webroot keycode correctly. In most of the cases, the character, users get confused with these i/1, o/0, s/5, b/ and the type the code incorrectly that causes the error.
  • While downloading or installing webroot on your computer or Mac via a disk, make sure to save the each letter or digit of the Webroot keycode to avoid any error.
  • If you are installing the app via an email that you have registered, copy paste the keycode in a straight line into the installer. Select the keycode all together using mouse, click right, select Copy option, and paste it on a safe and desired location. You can also copy-pase your Webroot keycode directly when you activate it or need it.
  1. Check your Computer or Mac if it has any older version of Webroot software installed in it. It is possible that the older software is blocking the installation of the updated software. Uninstall the previous version of Webroot software or update it with the latest one.
  2. If the error message of the keycode could not be verified at this time,” pops up on the screen verify that your Werbroot antivirus has the permission to connect to the internet and attempt again. Also, make sure that the internet connection you have is stable.
  3. Click on Submit a Support ticket

To confirm the error has been fixed, run the software and analyze its performance. In case the error still persists, connect to Webroot Support.

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