How to manage Webroot SecureAnywhere quarantined items?

Webroot Support SecureAnywhere is a part of Webroot Software Company that ensures safety online browsing as well as secures all your devices from the virus, malware, and online threats.

Quarantine is a special storage for the suspicious objects. And how it works, after the items are moved to quarantine they are set to disable and no more have the power to infect the system.

In certain circumstances, you may want to delete or restore quarantined items, they are-

  • If you wish to save the disk space then you can go for permanently deleting the items.
  • If you found out that certain program isn’t working properly without the quarantined item then you can restore it.
  • In rare cases, a piece of spyware is an integral part of the authorized program and thus requires the program to run.

Note- If you have any queries related to Webroot product then feel free to contact Webroot Support team to get assistance on the same.

Webroot Technical Support

Check out the steps to view and manage the items in quarantine for Webroot SecureAnywhere-

  1. Visit the official page of Webroot Antivirus.
  2. Open the Webroot main interface.
  3. Click on the option ‘PC Security’.
  4. Select the tab ‘Quarantine’
  5. Click the button ‘View Quarantine’.

Tips- The Quarantine panel displays the name of the item, its location, date and time, which is quarantined.

  1. If you wish to delete or restore any item then click on the checkbox to select it. And do any of the mentioned following-
  • If you wish to remove the item, permanently then go for clicking the option ‘Erase’.

Note- Be cautious of the fact that after erasing the item, you can no more restore them later.

If you face any difficulty while going through the following mentioned steps then you can dial to Webroot Customer Support to get assistance from the best experts.

  • If you wanted to move the item back to its original location then go for clicking the option ‘Restore’.

Tips–   When a certain item gets restored, Webroot SecureAnywhere will no longer be able to detect it while scanning. But in future, if you want to detect the items then you can change the detection rules.

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