How to safe your Smartphone from getting infected?

We simply can’t live without smartphones, in every bit of a minute we need it by our side. With every new day the Smartphone companies are coming up with the new models, with new upgradation of webroot support. The craze of the folks about cell phones, nowadays are beyond our imagination. But did you ever thought

How secure are these devices or your smartphone?

The hackers with the help of the malicious and deceive apps tries to gains an easy access on the devices, including smartphones (iOS and Android). According to the Google,the average users are having 35 apps installed on their phone, this proves why cell phones are easy target fro the hackers.

Almost all the mobile devices are easy target, no matter iOS or Android. But among them Android phone is more vulnerable to get infected. As per the ZDNet, the latest version of iOS11 was attacked just one day after it released in the market, due to the vulnerabilities in the Safari web browser.

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Check out the steps to protect your smartphone from the infected and deceive apps-

  1. Go for downloading the apps from the reputed stores like for iOS (Apple Store), Android phones (Google Play), and Samsung (Galaxy Apps).
  2. For Android devices disable the ‘unknown sources’ means it prevents installing the apps from the sources other than the Google Play store. The modification came in the functionality with the latest update to Android’s Oreo operating system.
  3. Keep your smartphone away from the USB debugging. This will prevent your smartphone from getting access to your confidential data, through the corded connections such as from the public charging station.
  4. Avoid giving access or modifying your smartphone’s software. This actually allows the other apps which aren’t trustworthy.
  5. Before downloading or installing the apps, read the details of the apps once.
  6. Avoid giving apps more access like most of apps ask for allowing the location or data.
  7. Read the app reviews before installing, and report, if you suspect any infected apps.
  8. Be aware of providing the credit card or banking information.
  9. Always allow to update OS software as well as apps.
  10. Go for installing trusted and reliable internet security software like Webroot Antivirus.

Please note- For Webroot Install you need to visit your resp. application store. Like iOS user needs to visit the ‘App Store’ to download the Webroot.

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